Coaching Packages

2 Week Coaching Package

Our 2 Week Coaching Package offers an intensive, focused approach to career development, designed to quickly identify your goals and create actionable strategies for immediate progress in your professional journey.


4 Week Coaching Package

The 4 Week Coaching Package provides a comprehensive exploration of your career aspirations and challenges, offering personalized strategies, skill development, and support to set you firmly on the path to achieving your professional goals.


8 Week Coaching Package

Our 8 Week Coaching Package delivers an in-depth, transformative career coaching experience, focusing on extensive personal and professional growth, strategic planning, and execution to ensure long-term success in your chosen career path. This package includes detailed assessments, regular one-on-one sessions, and continuous support, making it ideal for those seeking to make significant changes or advancements in their careers.


Hourly Service

1 Hour Coaching

Our One Hour Coaching Package is designed for targeted, immediate assistance, providing you with expert advice, strategic insights, and practical steps to tackle specific career challenges or questions in a concise timeframe.

4 Hour Coaching

The 4 Hour Coaching Package offers a focused deep dive into your career objectives, equipping you with personalized strategies, skill enhancement techniques, and actionable steps to accelerate your progress towards achieving your professional goals.

8 Hour Coaching

The 8 Hour Coaching Package with Eddy Andrews, based in Brisbane, provides a comprehensive and tailored career coaching experience designed to explore and expand your professional horizons. This package allows for an in-depth analysis of your career path, offering personalized guidance, advanced strategies, and the tools needed to navigate the complexities of the Brisbane job market and beyond, setting the stage for significant career advancement and fulfillment.